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Objective 1 – Maximize edge resource pool size

ACCORDION aspires to enable the enlargement of the resource & infrastructure pool to cover most geographical areas and users, thus truly enabling ubiquitous and collaborative applications that will benefit from the edge computing offerings.

Objective 2 – Maximize robustness of cloud/edge compute continuum

To tackle the heterogeneity and the “liquidity” of the edge resource pool environment with the support of an adaptive edge/cloud continuum that will virtually “follow” the users. It is assumed that the dependency on resources found “by serendipity” will affect the provided availability and reliability. To mitigate these issues, ACCORDION need to use the public cloud as a “capacitor”, shifting computation and data to it in an if-needed basis, creating an edge/cloud continuum. However, this exposes the NextGen applications to many perils including increased risk and privacy vulnerabilities.

Objective 3 – Minimize overheads in migrating applications to cloud/edge federations

ACCORDION will need to meet the application developers’ needs in migrating NextGen applications to the ACCORDION continuum.

Objective 4 – Realize NextGen applications

The implementation of NextGen applications is hindered by the inability to reach certain goals. ACCORDION will have to address them and, through the evaluation of the use case pilots, prove that the goals were achieved.

Objective 5 – Maximize ACCORDION impact

The results of the ACCORDION innovations as well as the project itself must be communicated and plans must be created to prepare their capitalization. An important step towards that goal is also to better scale the ambition Vs realism trade-off in the way this project interprets edge computing.