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Edge computing concept is going to play a dominant role in the forthcoming technology developments, disrupting economies at a large scale. Due its distributed and localized nature, edge computing can be an antibody for big trusts, if properly exploited. Synergistically employing edge computing with upcoming technologies such as 5G provides an opportunity for EU to capitalize on its local resource and infrastructure and its SME-dominated application development landscape and achieve an edge-computing-driven disruption with a local business scope. ACCORDION project aims at establishing an opportunistic approach that brings together edge resource/infrastructures to support NextGen applications. Namely those applications that are currently not deployed on clouds because of their dependency on on-premise infrastructures or specialized end-devices but also because are too latency-sensitive or data-dependent to be moved to the public cloud. 

On Thursday March 11th 2021, the consortium of the H2020 ACCORDION Project organized a webinar, first of a series of monthly events focused on Cloud/Edge related aspects. The speakers of the webinars series will not be limited by members of ACCORDION. There will be talks from highly reputable personalities from academia and industry. ACCORDION Webinars will take place every 2nd  Thursday of the month at 14:00 CET.

Past Webinars

Introduction to Adaptive Edge/Cloud Compute & Network and NextGen App. | Speakers: Patrizio Dazzi (CNR), Michael Dodis (ORama VR), Zbigniew Ledwon (Orbital Knight), Thomas Loven (Plexus)

Looking beyond at Cloud Continuum: The Osmotic Computing paradigm | Speaker: Prof. Massimo Villari, University of Messina (Italy)

It’s time to debloat theCloud with Unikraft | Speaker: Felipe Huici (NEC Laboratories)

High-level model-driven optimization methods in Cloud/Edge | Speaker Marco Danelutto (University of Pisa)