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Use Case #2 – multiplayer mobile game – introduction and status of work

Orbital Knight sp. z o.o. (ORBK) is a mobile games developer from Warsaw, Poland. ORBK is one of the Use Case provider for ACCORDION project. ORBK will develop a multiplayer mobile game. Game servers will be deployed on top of the ACCORDION system so as to meet the requirements of NextGen mobile gaming, which aims to lower latency between servers and clients and highly improve user experience. It will also take advantage of AI-based network orchestration to dynamically and automatically deploy new servers based on performance metrics and player’s geographical localization.


During the first months of the project we designed the architecture of the ORBK UC. We were able to identify all requirements for our application and define the key scenarios. We collaborated with the technology team and owners of the other UC owners. Due to Covid 19 all meetings we had were online. We also worked on the Quality of Experience modeling with TUB.

Currently we are focusing on details of the UC implementation. We built new debug tools in order to be able to perform precise measurements of networking solution in our multiplayer engine. Along with other Use Case partners we refined schemas and descriptions of the UCs in order to make them more unified and in alignment to ACCORDION architecture. Improvement of communication with the ACCORDION architecture team is an equally important goal of this work. We also developed and prepared the building process to create the game server docker image which will be used by ACCORDION Platform in the deployment process.

Stay tuned for more updates from Orbital Knight!

Written by Zbyszek Ledwoń | ORBK