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Use Case #1: Collaborative VR – pilot prototype

ORamaVR S.A. is a deep technology startup, innovating in the field of experiential simulation for medical training with VR.  ORamaVR provides a gamified multi-user VR platform built on Unity engine that exploits the MAGES SDK1 on top of a networking layer by Unity2The transitioning to the ACCORDION platform will support the ORamaVR business case to develop and promote collaborative cloud VR training applications specially formulated for untethered HMDs and the adaptation of ORamaVR’s networking layer to edge computing will optimize the current status of the cooperative mode, ensuring lower latency and higher performance on average network conditions and ultimately a higher number of CCUs.

The pilot prototype will support a number of pre-defined scenarios to assess the platform with respect to technology and QoE aspects.  These will focus on verifying the functional aspects of the intended operation following the Use Case requirements, defining what the system must accomplish or must be able to do. In parallel the non-functional requirements which address different attributes of system will be considered. The pilot prototype will exploit a specific module from the suite of different products/modules of ORamaVR that simulate in VR different medical training operations. For the purposes of the project the CVRSB (COVID-19: VR Strikes Back) module is selected as the application module “in test” for experimentation with the ACCORDION platform and to support the required modifications in the application (ie. computation offloading mechanisms, app to platform and app-to-app communications, integration of third party tools) needed to exploit the services of ACCORDION. The CVRSB supports a collaborative VR training mode where multiple users can join in the same environment to perform the covid-19 swab testing. A gamified mechanic is included to demonstrate the proper hand disinfection according to the World Health Organization. Screenshots from the VR simulation module are shown.  Each end-user will be using an untethered HMD (e.g. Oculus Quest).

Stay tuned for more updates from ORamaVR S.A.

Written by Maria Pateraki | ORV


[1] Papagiannakis G.,  Zikas P., Lydatakis N., Kateros S., Kentros M., Geronikolakis E., Kamarianakis M., Kartsonaki I. and Evangelou G. MAGES 3.0: Tying the knot of medical VR. ACM SIGGRAPH 2020, August 2020, Article No: 6, Pages 1-2.