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Use Case #3: Targeted content and AR game – Scenario overview

Use case 3 of the Accordion project consists of two sub use cases:

UC#3.1 Client identification and adapted content displayed on screens (digital signage): Based on the characteristics obtained from the mobile device information from the clients in a certain space like a mall, content reproduced on the information screens within that space is adapted. For example, in case there are younger people than elderly, content can be adapted to their interest.

Figure 1: Client identification and adapted content – UC#3


UC#3.2 Mobile Augmented Reality game: The game is an augmented reality customer loyalty game where points can be won based on clients playing against each other. A 3D object needs to be captured to gain points.  Depending on the interaction between the user and the 3D object considering the user geolocation the game scenario changes.

Figure 2: Mobile AR game – UC#3


To enable the application to take advantage of the ACCORDION platform the applications are redesigned to enable the migration of certain functions in the Edge mini cloud or in central clouds.

The ACCORDION edge device is responsible for detecting and identifying probe requests from mobile devices. Basic calculations are performed on the edge and the data is shared with the ACCORDION mini cloud for further processing and more advanced calculations.

Content streaming is done based on the decision making in the mini cloud. For the first sub use case content is streamed to the generic screens and for the second sub use case content is streamed to the mobile game on the phone of the user.

Figure 3: Scenario – UC#3

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Author: Thomas Loven