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The Dissemination & Communication approach of ACCORDION

I don’t think many people anticipated how the Internet was going to revolutionize the way we disseminate information.

– Larry Flynt-

Being a HORIZON 2020 funded project ACCORDION is financed by EU citizens. Therefore, it aims to benefit to the largest number of citizens possible and the fruits of our research to reach society as a whole. In order to achieve this, ACCORDION Consortium lead by AEGIS that acts as the Dissemination and Communication Manager of the project, has devised a strategy to approach as many potential users as possible – peers in the research field, industry, other commercial players and policymakers.

A variety of dissemination and communication channels have been launched in our effort to do this. The project website, which consists of rich content, related to the project works as the central pillar of the online approach of the dissemination and Communication strategy. In addition to this, the ACCORDION social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube) are being used as a means to keep everyone up to date. A free newsletter service has also been launched for this purpose. As a main part of our online efforts, we try to share news not only about our activities, but also about the field of cloud/edge computing domain.

We are aiming to maintain a bidirectional communication with the audiences we are trying to benefit. This is why we have also welcomed the creation of a a series of monthly Webinars focused on Cloud/Edge related aspects. The speakers of the webinars series are not limited to members of the ACCORDION Consortium as the webinars host discussions and presentations from highly reputable personalities from academia and industry. Apart from the webinar series, ACCORDION consortium plans to further engage its audience with the organization of major events that will serve as a mean to share the project’s achievements and get feedback.

It is clear that collaboration becomes a key factor in optimizing the impact of European citizens’ investments. Creating a network of related projects and initiatives has a number of advantages. Through their experiences and input, partners will contribute to the outcomes of several projects. Furthermore, the consortia will benefit from each other’s efforts. Last but not least, they will use their networking channels to reach a larger audience. Therefore, a key objective of the ACCORDION consortium, is to collaborate with projects and initiatives tackling similar challenges. Anyone who wants to enter the conversation and help make ACCORDION’s results as important as possible is welcome to do so. If you are one of them, please contact us by filling out our contact form.

Author: Spiros Fotis | AEGIS Research