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First video use case 3 available on Youtube!

As part of the first project review meeting, Accordion partner Plexus Tech has created a video to showcase the functionalities of its use case Intelligent spatial applications for advanced digital marketing. The video shows the progress of the first 18 months of the project, in which a functional version of the application has been developed which will be further improved and integrated with the ACCORDION platform in the second cycle of the project.

The video shows the key components of the use case like a Local Edge System and Cloud run Digital Signage solution. The local system consists of a Raspberry Pi or cluster of Raspberry Pi´s which perform the functions of an Edge device and allow for local processing which reduces latency. Anblick is run in a public cloud and is responsible for broadcasting the right content to the connected tv screens.

Default content is shown which is independent of the characteristics of the users within a venue. Then, when a user enters a venue and activates the wifi function and gets within the range of the Raspberry Pi the probe requests of his or her device can be detected. The wifi antenna connected to the edge receives the probe request. The probe request data is not stored on the Edge. The Edge processes the information. Therefore the MAC is anonymized and coordinates of the devices are calculated based on the distance to the Wifi Antenna.

Based on various parameters like the number of users within range, the average time in range or the number of new visitors a content decision is made on the Edge. The tag is shared with the Cloud. For this first cycle, the focus is to adapt content based on the processing on the Edge. As a result, the user can see adapted content on the tv screens within a certain space like a mall, hospital or train station. This allows for targeted and more relevant content and hence more effective digital signage.

In the coming 18 months of the project, the use case will be further enhanced, integrated and tested within the ACCORDION platform.

Stay tuned for more updates from Plexus Tech!